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Understanding the interrelation between mental and physical by Martin Polanco

Martin Polanco

The way your body and mind respond to a challenging situation is what is known as stress. Any challenges like changes in life, traumatic events, and performance anxiety can add to your stress and depression says, Martin Polanco. It affects your mental and physical health. Hence, it is significant to acknowledge the problem and identify the triggers. It can be minor or significant, but you cannot avoid it. For a healthy and happy life, you have to pay attention to your mental and physical health.

Martin Polanco says stress has no boundaries

Yes, stress affects people of every age. Earlier, stress was a problem for adults. However, in recent times, youngsters are also complaining about stress and depression. It is impacting their mental and physical well-being and adding to their risks. It can be a one-time occurrence with children. However, coping up with these is significant. In the case of teenagers, the parents will have to assume a leading role in recovering the child and helping them get back on track.

For dealing with stress, parents will have to schedule their child’s day, engage them in fun, comprehensive activities, acknowledge their problem, and help the child come up with solutions. Stress can be due to multiple triggers like divorce, job loss, illness, or anything else. These dramatic experiences add to mental illness. Hence, if you are undergoing any of these problems, it’s time to act.

Long-term anxiety harms health

Stress can be long-term and short-term. If you are suffering from long-term anxiety, it can take a sharp turn, and that will affect your body. Hence, chronic stress will disturb your digestive, immune, sleep, cardiovascular and reproductive system, says Martin Polanco. If you are tolerating any of these health issues, it’s time to contact a psychiatrist. Continued strain and stress will contribute to severe health issues. It can affect your heart, blood pressure, mental stability and add to other illnesses. Coping with these requires expert guidance.

Ways of managing stress

There are some reasonable steps you can assume to manage your mental health. First and foremost, you have to be observant. Acknowledge the fact that you are suffering from depression. Along with this, you will have to speak about your health problem with someone on whom you can count. It can be your friend or family member. While initiating the conversation, you cannot shy away from your problems. Based on your response, you can go for effective treatments. Regular physical exercise, a balanced diet, or proper sleep are ways of managing stress.

Lastly, you will have to set realistic goals along with priorities. Stay connected with your near and dear ones both online and offline. You may have to consider clinical trials if the problem goes beyond control. These individuals will help you with stress management techniques that have a positive impact on your psychological state. Studies revealed that these therapies have a positive effect and facilitate your overall health. Try to recognize stressors in your life and avoid them.

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