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Tips from Martin Polanco for prioritizing mental health

Martin Polanco

Maintaining a work-life balance requires a lot of modification and strategizing. Only focusing on professional life will not lead you anywhere. Having a supportive home environment is equally significant. It is here that the prioritization of mental health becomes fundamental for achieving balance. But the worldwide pandemic has upended human lives severely Martin Polanco.

Although vaccine deployment gets people a ray of hope, there is much to be seen in the future. The past few months have had a severe implication on the mental health of people all across. Studies reveal that around 50% of individuals endure a negative impact on their physical and cognitive health. Social isolation is the reason behind this. 

Martin Polanco will help you to draw your boundaries.

The first way of dealing with mental health is to set boundaries. It would help if you distinguish between your personal and professional life and never mix them up. It is difficult for those early in their career and new to their current company or job. Everybody is interested in proving to their supervisors and peers about their capabilities. However, confusing your desire with your actual condition may have severe implications. Remember that along with the performance; you have to take care of your health. Making yourself available all the time will set expectations that you may not fulfill quickly. Hence, you have to make plans to use your potential to the best possible limits.

Do you know that working on a schedule is equally important ?

The work-from-home trend requires you to build your routine. Since your home is your office, it becomes difficult to take breaks in between. However, it is fundamental for keeping yourself motivated and efficient. Give yourself a thought about the tough time at work. You will quickly recapitulate on the small coffee breaks.He says the same approach is required over here. Try to work on a typical structure and stick to it. Studies reveal that for improving productivity taking breaks is fundamental. It will help you to stay focused and fresh for a long time.

Go for a mobile phone detox

 Do not get scared by this. Although it may seem to be a tricky thing, it has become the need of the hour. It is most impactful on those individuals who want to improve their work-life balance and mental health. Remember that cognitive functioning has a lot to do with your approach. It would help if you directed your thinking towards positive aspects of life. Studies reveal that checking the phone now and then leads to distraction Martin Polanco. Around 50% of smartphone users indicated that it was difficult for them to live without cell phones. FOMO is fear of missing out is the main reason behind this. Although it is understandable, you have to contemplate the impact of the continued use of cell phones on your cognitive functioning. Hence, although it is difficult, it is not impossible. Take tiny steps and limit your smartphone use.

Apart from this, it would help if you got enough sleep. It has a direct impact on your cognitive health. It also has optimistic implications on overall health and your attitude towards others. Remember that when you have a goodnight’s sleep, you feel happy. Hence, your mental health is your responsibility.

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