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Martin Polanco provides wellness trends that you must try during COVID-19

Martin Polanco

With the onset of 2021, wellness has seen an increase in its demand. People canceling their vacations, postponing their plans, and taking care of their wellness programs have become common. In addition, the work-from-home trend is slowly seeping in. From sanitization to the mask culture, everything has become a part of human life. As a result, there has been a complete sense of loss and grief among different age groups Martin Polanco.

Along with physical wellbeing, mental wellbeing is also gaining significance. For most individuals, 2021 brings with it an obsession with well-being. Although it may look overwhelming, it is the truth. If you take a look at research articles, you will find the alarming numbers of COVID-19 cases. If you collect a deeper understanding of these experiences, there is no doubt that the next few years will be equally challenging. Only spiritual, physical, and emotional wellbeing can help you to cope up with the challenges.

Martin Polanco furnishes the best ways of taking care of your wellbeing amid COVID-19

The work environment, personal life, educational scenario, everything has changed drastically. In these serious times, you must develop a positive approach to life. Although it is difficult, it is not absurd. When you think positive, you feel positive. Hence, the wellness trends of 2021, as per leading experts, will help you in this regard. Take a look at them in considerable details:

  • Self-care: Self-care not only of the individual but of the community has become the wellness trend of 2021. There has been a transition from a single person to community care. COVID-19 has exposed systematic inequalities along with flaws in the health system. Hence, you have to take responsibility and do something for the community. Wellness gets reframed according to the needs and requirements of society. There is a growing understanding among people to extend their support to other individuals. People have realized that prioritizing community activity and donating skills and time to the people of the society has become the need of the hour.

Intuitive and mindful eating

Intuitive and mindful eating is gaining significance in 2021. People are turning away from restrictive diets and cutting down on their carbohydrate intake. The number of people who are embracing healthy food habits is increasing day by day. Hence, junk food and fast food are losing significance and turning into dangerous meals. According to Martin Polanco, people are taking a step towards their sustainable, healthier, and conscious future.

  • Digital detoxification: If you look at the news, TV reports, and social media, you will come across negative energy everywhere. The scenario has given rise to a new concept known as “digital detox.” It is your responsibility to set the boundary and consume digital information only after filtration. Digital detox has become collective consciousness. However, it is not a one-day phenomenon. You have to be constant in your technique and make it a part of your nature. Remember that wellbeing is integrally related to meditation, creativity, healthy life habits, positive practice, etc.


You must take steps towards your skincare routine because of the new culture known as mass culture. With spa services and beauty parlors shut down, you do not have an option but take care of your skin.

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