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Martin Polanco gives out stress management techniques for kids

Martin Polanco

Childhood is not only about games and fun. Even the youngsters feel stressed and worried as stress does not remain restricted to age and gender says, Martin Polanco. It has now brought every age group within its shackles. Hence, stress management becomes viable. There are multiple sources of stress like friends, family, school, etc. Apart from this, it can also originate from within the child. Similar to adults, even children feel stressed when you expect too much from them. When they fail to achieve their goals, it hampers their self-respect and self-esteem.

Parents can help children to reduce stress

Now that you know that even children suffer from tension and stress, it’s the role of adults to manage the same. Adults can assist their teens with stress management techniques. There are some vital things you must explore.  These include teaching them stress management, helping them develop positive skills, trying to lessen their stress amount by guiding them, and much more.

Reduce stress factors – Martin Polanco

If you are serious about helping your child in stress management procedures, you will have to acknowledge their feelings. You cannot shy away from the fact that your child is suffering from poor mental health. If you see that your child is scared or sad, recognize the problem. Reassure them of your guidance and help. You will have to develop trust and assure them that stress is a part of the learning experience. Try to be supportive and show your child your concern. Listen to them and allow them to come up with solutions. Be available for them and offer them your help whenever they require it.

You will have to show your child that you love them. Your care and warmth will add to their comfort. You must have realistic expectations when dealing with children with stress. Let the child know about his problem and help them to come up with coping skills. Do not over-schedule them with multiple activities. Keep slots for recreation and activities. When you are aware of the requirements of your child, cater to them.

Build positive skills

It is your responsibility as a parent to build coping skills in your child. Supply them with leading examples and keep calm. You cannot express your concern and anger before them. Think about some activities that will help them reduce their tension and stress. Share stories of leading individuals and the way they reduced their anxiety. Teach your child the importance of consciousness. Help them build realistic goals and assist them in realizing them.

Encourage reasonable thinking and help children distinguish reality and fantasy, as requested by Martin Polanco. If you see any changes in their behavior, you will have to make them cautious. However, you cannot humiliate them for the evolution of behavior. Furnish them with every possible support so that they feel comfortable speaking about their problem. Please encourage them to play activities that they like and develop healthy lifestyle habits.

Lastly, you will have to add slots for exercise, a balanced diet, fun activities, and much more. When they engage in enjoyable activities, it relaxes their nerves. Hence, it is your responsibility to calm your child and add to their stress relief.

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