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Martin Polanco elucidates steps for managing mental health

Martin Polanco

Mental health, along with physical health, plays a critical part in overall wellbeing. In the scenario of a worldwide pandemic where physical fitness is widely acknowledged, people do not talk about mental wellbeing says, Martin Polanco. Apart from this, medical practitioners believe that taking care of the body is equally important. However, long periods of lockdown, isolation, quarantine, and safety measures only add to loneliness. In such a scenario, you have to balance your mental and physical health to realize your value.

Treat yourself with respect and kindness, and that will help you avoid self-degradation. Make every possible effort to involve yourself in activities and hobbies that energizes you. While engaging in daily chores, try to discover fun activities that reduce stress and add to your skillset.

Balance mental and physical health the way Martin Polanco suggests

Yes, you will have to balance your physical and cognitive health. By eating nutritious meals, avoiding vaping and smoking, and drinking lots of water, you can add to your health. Regular exercise and sleep will help you recharge your body. It will reduce your anxiety and depression and improve your mood.  It is not only in adults but also in youngsters. Hence, you will have to balance all activities so that it adds to your physical-mental wellbeing. Research reveals that sleep issues only add to the depression level.

Stay away from negative people

All across the world, you will find people discouraging you. Hence, it would help if you stayed away from them. If you feel that the person has negative vibes, it’s always better to break connections. Try to surround yourself with healthier and supportive individuals who will add to your positive thinking. You can also arrange to get together with friends and family members to engage yourself with them in different activities. Make provisions for getting together in clubs, restaurants, parks, and that will help you recharge yourself.

Learn coping skills

Accept it or not, stress has become a part of life. By practicing coping skills, you can relieve yourself of the tension. You can go for a walk, exercise regularly, engage in fun activities, play with your dog or read a journal, explains Martin Polanco. There are numerous methods by which you can reduce your stress and anxiety. On the whole, you have to develop positive thinking, and that will work wonders.

Lastly, you will have to set practical goals for yourself. Whether in personal, professional, or academic life, setting goals is significant. You can aim high but stay realistic. You cannot over-schedule yourself with multiple activities. For breaking the monotony, make provisions for minor changes. All this will help you avoid stress and give you a positive perspective.

Even after all this, if you feel that you cannot manage your stress, it’s time to see a doctor. There are counselors and psychiatrists available just a click away. Hence, you can contact specialists online and discuss your problem. There are multiple therapies and sessions conducted on a one-to-one basis to help you with stress management.

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