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Martin Polanco analyzes stress relaxation techniques for 2021

Martin Polanco

Stressful situations are not new to human beings. From minor to major ones, stress has become part and parcel of human life says, Martin Polanco. From traffic jams to serious worries, stress has taken a global stance. Irrespective of the cause, stress management has become critical. Remember that anxiety directly relates to your heart rate, muscle tension, breathing speed, and overall health. Hence, the way you respond to stress makes a huge difference.

It is a threatening situation that requires positive thinking and coping skills. The relaxation response has become the most viable technique for dealing with stress and anxiety. It is different from the stress response, though. It is nothing but a state of rest which you can achieve in multiple ways. By practicing the same regularly, you will create a calm cognition that will add to your overall well-being.

Martin Polanco harps on breath focus

One of the first techniques of relaxing yourself is breath focus. It is a powerful technique that involves deep, slow, and long breaths. When you breathe, you disengage your cognition from negative thoughts and sensations. Individuals suffering from eating disorders and anxiety can practice breath focus for adding positivity to their life. Hence, it is appropriate for individuals suffering from health problems like respiratory illness, heart failure, breathing difficulty, and much more.

Body scan

A combination of muscle relaxation and breath focuses on what is known as a body scan. After deep breathing, you will have to focus on a specific part of your body and thereby mentally release the physical tension. Martin Polanco reveals that the technique helps in boosting mind-body relations and adds to your positive thinking. If you look at recent survey reports, you will see that body scan has positively impacted people suffering from stress.

Guided imagery

You will require soothing places, scenes, and experiences for relaxing your mind and focusing. There are multiple applications along with online recordings that will provide you with coming locations. Just use these and select images that soothe your senses and provide you with personal significance. The process helps in reinforcing the positive vision and thereby dealing with negative thoughts. It is not difficult to practice if you have consistency.

Mindfulness meditation

The technique of meditation has gained immense popularity in recent times. Research reveals that it is helpful for individuals suffering from pain, depression, and anxiety. For practicing this, you will have to sit comfortably, focus on breathing and bring the mind to the present situation.


Well, there’s nothing new about the significance of yoga. Since ancient times, rhythmic postures and breathing have assisted in reducing mental stress. It also has a physical impact along with cognitive benefits. It will enhance your balance and flexibility and give a boost to yourself as a team. Hence, you will re-energize yourself for regular activities, professional life, and much more.

Lastly, you will have to select among these techniques under the surveillance of experts. Try practicing these consistently for at least a month, and you will see the impact.

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